Hello New Business Cards!

And hello to all of you! As you already may know, this is my first post on my portfolio site. I am so excited to blog here! I wanted to write about my profession and the things I’ve learned so I can share with you all. Each week, I aim to post something about:

  • My creative projects - professional and personal

  • Design news and events and,

  • Motivational quotes for design and business.

Business Card Project

My first “creative project” to share is my new business cards!

My New Business Cards

I shopped with a new vendor and just received my business cards last week. I didn’t expect to get them until today actually and they arrived this past Saturday. I assume UPS is doing overtime for the holidays and delivering on the weekends temporarily. Thanks UPS!

So what’s the story with my design?

The Breakdown

Why orange?
You can see throughout my site that I absolutely love bright colors. According to many who know me personally, I am a bright and bubbly person. I can agree to that. 😉 I tend to look on the positive side of things and try to make lemonade out of the lemons of life. I chose orange to symbolize my cheerfulness, optimism and creativity.

Why fuchsia?
Fuchsia is in the pink family and it represents femininity, positivity and confidence. I didn’t want to go too bright of a pink though. It would be a super high contrast to the orange on the flip side and it would probably blind someone from afar. Not a good look in either case.

Why flowers?
I just love flowers of all kinds! That's just my thing. I wear flowers, I pick flowers, I photograph flowers, I like floral perfumes. It just represents who I am.

Why rounded?
It's unique, new and now! Plus it represents a calm and gentle demeanor. I’m not the fussy type of person who gets stressed easily. Not to mention, I am a well-rounded “jane of all trades” (I can write, do arts and crafts, bake lovely desserts, and build IKEA furniture haha).

I wanted to add more visuals to it and less text, thus the social media icons were placed on the back.

So, what do you think of my business cards? Would you like one? Come work with me! If you’re not ready yet, check out my work on the rest of the site.